3 Simple Tips to Increase Conversion Rates You Can Start Applying Today

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Doug Sirkoch
3 Simple Tips to Increase Conversion Rates You Can Start Applying Today

If you’re anything like me, you’re a sucker for trends. I wore my denim off my ass (much to the dismay of my mother). I wore Diamond brand hoodies to every social event. And now, I have to have the simplest, least amount of clutter because #minimalism.

However, being on trend isn’t always a good thing (as I look back at my 3rd grade school picture with my spikey hair and shiny dragon button down shirt) - Especially for marketers. In fact, making drastic changes to your landing page to make it look “modern” can hurt conversions.

But how do you know what trends to follow and what trends to wait on, after all you want you marketing efforts to be successful as possible.

Lucky for you we have collected our data over the years and put together 3 tips to increase conversion rates on your landing page.

1. Personalized Images

Studies have shown, over and over again that when you incorporate personality showing photos, you are 63% more likely to for that client to click.
Boiling that down - large images make people notice. Make those large image you. Do that a funny face, make your duck lips, do that super hero pose. Be you. You convert.

2. Contrasting CTA

Some of our best converting landing pages use monochrome colors with a bright CTA button. The CTA should be the main focus of your landing page and put simply, this should stand out. Placing a brightly colored CTA button on a monochrome backdrop is the exact formula to do the trick to increase your conversion rate.

3. Navigation

The first section your visitor sees the navigation bar. Therefore, it’s important you prioritize the information in the menu. Meaning, you only place the most important buttons in the navigation (hint* The CTA should definitely be here). Since this is the first and most important section a user interacts with it’s a good idea to have the Navigation “sticky”. Meaning, that as the user scrolls down the page the navigation stays with them at the top of the page.