10/20/70 Facebook Ad Strategy

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Doug Sirkoch
10/20/70 Facebook Ad Strategy

For years I have battled with the constant idea that Facebook is this complicated monster that needs 7 hours of optimizations a day. I have seen small businesses throw tens of thousands of dollars into the Facebook ecosystem and get little return. I have seen Facebook ad beginners struggle and quit out of frustration because they become over-whelmed with lookalike audiences, re-targeting sequencing, and complicated attribution. I have seen other Facebook Experts create marketing funnels so complex and layered that they essentially strangle their own campaign's performance.

This needs to be stopped.

Here is the truth; the unpopular truth.

Facebook knows way too much about us. As marketers, or small business owners we are able to use this to our advantage and show extremely targeted ads to the right people at the right time.

Often times we try to do this through Facebook's internal systems, like interest targeting, income demographics, and lookalike audiences. What if I told you that by doing all these targeting traits ,you are actually hurting your campaign? You probably think I am crazy right? Isn't that makes Facebook so different?

Here is the truth. Facebook has come a long way and has become so good at advertising that it knows who and how to show ads to with little to no guidance.

Don't believe me? Facebook knows this - have you seen this new button appear on your ads manager?

This button is here to take control away from the user so that Facebook can works its own magic. At the end of the day, Facebook wants you to win. If you try Facebook and don't get results, you won't keep putting money into it.

Who Is This Guide For?

This guide is for anyone who has experience with Facebook ads but is frustrated with their current results.

✔ Facebook Amateurs

✔ Facebook Experts

✔ Small Business that run their own marketing

In this guide I go into full detail about how structure your campaign so it performs like 2020 technology should.